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Monday, April 03, 2006

Visiting the Family

Well, here we are in Texarkana. It's Monday afternoon and I think we have already worn Granny and Big Daddy out! :) It has been a wonderful Saturday and Sunday for mommy. Granny took over taking care of Garrett, Emma, and mommy as soon as we got up saturday monring. I have been really really sore because of nursing issues. It's been nice to have my mommy taking care of me! Matthew has been so awsome these last few months and especially since Garrett came home but sometimes a girl just needs her mommy. Emma is lovling being here with Granny, Big Daddy, Me-me, and Po-po. She loves the attention she's able to get. And now that mommy is feeling more "normal" I can begin to give her more of the attention she deserves once we get home. Emma also enjoyed haveing Hannah and Caroline here yesterday and this morning. They had to leave early so Hannah could go to the Dr and have a spider bite looked at. It was real red, hot, and hard,so please pray for her arm to heal quickly.

Daddy, GraMMie (if you say it like emma you have to really stress the m's), and daddy's friend Paul are all down in Dallas probably acting like little school girls on the playyard waiting for the opening day game for the Red Sox. They will be there till thursday morning when Daddy and GraMMie will come back and get us to go home. This will be the frist time GraMMie will get to see Garrett in person. Emma is looking forward to seeing her too. Daddy got some of the Red Sox stuff he ordered before we left town Friday. Once he gets the newspapers framed and up on the walls I will post pictures of Garretts room. Also, took some good pictures of all 4 grandkids just before the Bland crew left. Once Jen emails those to me I'll post them too.

Well tons more I could say but Emma has been very quiet for far too long. I'd better go find her and fix whatever she's gotten into. :)


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Chad Gardner said...

I sent Matt a text message during the middle of the Red Sox/Rangers game yesterday. It said... "Boo Red Sox"

I sent it right after Big Papi hit his home run and took a big lead over my Rangers. He replied later with Papi's stats for the day.... pfffft...


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