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Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Party #3

We went to Boo at the Zoo tonight with Kellie, Casey, Isaac, Me, Matt, Emma, Garrett, and Abby. Well . . . . the kids enjoyed it and will be talking about it for years . . .. which will be about the time we might consider taking them back. It was way packed! and not worth all the money you'd have to spend to do all the stuff, which 2 year olds couldn't really do anyway. You could do better buying two bags of candy at walmart. If you enjoy the crowds go to walmart at a busy hour and you'd still come off better moneywise. Ah live and learn. I do have to take a moment to applaud Matt and Casey tonight. They were both forced to go and stepped up and took it like real men. :) They helped out with the kids a great deal! I was very thankful for both men being there. Kellie and I would have gone crazy with 4 kids by ourselves! So, Thank you Matt and Casey for going and helping so much! Garrett did a good job putting up with the frog costume for the last 3 days now. He did good tonight either in the stroller or in Daddys arms. It was a ton of fun taking Abby too. She is too funny! The things that come out of her mouth amaze me. They are either seriously funny or supprisingly smart. If you ask her she'll tell you "I'm smart and a geniuos" So, I told her "Do you know why you're so smart?" this confused her so she said "No why?" and I told her "Because I've been your teacher since you were 5 months old!" I told Marci about this conversation adn she laughed and agree with me. Here's a picture of the girls and I on the one ride Emma could ride and a picture of Kellie and Isaac on the firetruck.


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