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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Frog and Toad

We have season tickets to the Children's Theater here in LR. So far we've seen two shows. The first was great. The second was good for older kids. Last night we went to a "Members Only" shindig. We got dressed up kinda nice. We went in, they sang a cute song about cookies (they being the frog and toad characters), we went out to the lobby and got our frog and toad book signed by "the birds". Next we got in line to have our picture taken with frog and toad. At first Emma was haveing none of the picture taking but we convinced her Daddy would hold her and we'd all be up there. So she agreed. We went up and took a couple of pictures. We went back out to the lobby for popcorn, cookies, and punch. We went back in for one last musical number when Emma remembered she didn't have frog and toad sign her book. This time she ran up on stage by herself and butted in front of other big kids to get toad to sign her book. She ran back to us. We asked her "did they both sign?" She looked at her book and said "No" so she ran back up there and got frog to sign it. So she was slow to start about going up on stage then we had to tell her to come back off the stage. It was a fun little outing for the family.


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