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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas up North

We had a good visit to Natick. The kids did really well in the car most of the time. Garrett slept most of the way up there (thank you dramamine) except some car sickness and explosive poop on the way back. Emma did great watching our new car DVD player. We watched Little Mermaid at least 5 times and Strawberry Shortcake at least 5 times, plus parts of several others. They both did good untill about 4 hours from Natick. Then we hear from the back seat, over Garretts crying, "We should have gone in an airplane" Matt turns around and asks "Why baby?" Emma's reply "Because it's a lot faster" so true sweetie!

On the way back we played the driving game much better. We drove for a while then stayed in a hotel (did a load of laundry, thanks Garrett). Got up drove a while longer and stayed the night at the Clement Clan's new house. Which I might add is very nice and will suit their big family quite well. We went to church with the Clements. At lunch we told Emma to sit down and eat because we were gonna drive the rest of the way home. She burst into tears saying she didn't want to leave. We tryed to play seeing the Big Kids and Isaac card but she still didn't want to leave. If she didn't bat an eye at seeing Isaac after so long she must have really missed Caleb and Ian. So please come visit us soon and we'll try to find a long weekend where we can come up and spend some more time too!

Emma had a lot of fun up north. She got to help Jesse feed the dog, fish, and gummy bear (guinea pig). She got to help Jesse and Grammie decorate the Christmas tree. Jesse took her to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. She loved getting to play with Calvin and Lucas. She had so much fun opening her presents, Garrett's presents, and any one else's presents. She had fun handing out presents to everyone else too. She had fun playing at the Mall's playplace. She got to go to Build-a-bear and picked out the pink bear with a pink Red Sox outfit. She had fun going to the Library and playing in the castle.

Garrett had fun chaseing Jesse's Beagle around the house. At least he enjoyed it untill he followed him under a table and got stuck. He had fun being held and played with everywhere we went.

We were very blessed over this vacation. My favorite present? My "Dunkie Junkie" t-shirt . . . . because it's SO true. We literally had Dunkin Donuts every day we were up there!

Here's a few picts from our trip.
We stopped at a McDonalds on the way up and Emma loved this statue of Ronald. After we ate we were standing near it and Garrett tried to jump out of my arms and was talking to Ronald too.

At the Mall's Playplace

Clement Clan


At 6:43 AM, Blogger Marie said...

I'm already trying to plan a trip out. That pretty much started when we got home from lunch! The boys had so much fun and miss you guys! Oh and Riley is hitting the explosive poop, too! ;( Off to Target to get some baby oxyclean! :)


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