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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Memphis Family Weekend - play

After a nap in the car and a small one in the hotel we all got ready for dinner with the Mirante family. We had a good dinner then Garrett went with Ms. Catherine, Luke (4years old), and Mia (23 months old) to their house to play. Matt, Emma, and I went to Collierville for a community play that Chris (matt's friend from high school and college) was in. We took Emma because the play they did was Beauty and the Beast. So we wouldn't have as many questions, I had had emma watch the Disney movie this week. Once they got started with the intro song she said "we watched this at daycare". Once Belle started singing Emma looked at Matt and said "she sings beautifully" how cute. She did fairly well at watching the whole show despite being so very tired. She was a little antsy going from daddy's lap to mommy's to her chair. but all in a wasn't too bad. She spent most of the play on daddy's lap. It was cute to listen to some of the things she came up with. She is on the verge of understanding about plays and actors. She understood Lumiere was Luke's Daddy and he was dressed up to do the show. Then he'd take the make-up off and come back to lukes house with us. But she hasn't caught on to all the people in the play haveing other lives. At one point she was on my lap and said "why is belle sad?" I said "because she thinks she has to stay in the castle forever now" She thought then said "well does she?" I answered "no" She thinks again and says "After the show I will tell her she doesn't have to stay there forever. Then she will be happy" Too cute. She's on the verge of that understanding but not quite there yet. She wanted to have her picture taken with Mr. Chris, Belle, The prince . . . . but wouldn't take one with Gaston because he was mean to Belle and the Beast.

Mr. Chris as Lumiere

Belle . . . . sidenote (a mom of 1 year old triplets!)

The Beast after the spell was broken

It was a awsome show! I loved it! Mr. Chris did a super job and I'm glad we got to go see it! We will be looking forward to future shows that we can go see. Thank you Mr. Chris for inviting us. and a big Thank you to Ms. Catherine for watching Garrett so we could go to the show.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger Cat said...

Garrett was a delight! We had a great time playing and then he konked out so sweetly with his blanket on the couch.

Marti, if they were all that easy I'd consider having another one! :-)


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