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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Elephant Sanctuary

The other day Mrs. kellie, Isaac, Isaac's Me-me, Emma, Garrett, and I went to the Elephant Sanctuary here in Arkansas. I know . . .. I didn't know there was one either! They are only open to the public the 1st saturday of the month. So, we loaded up in Mrs. Kellie's van this morning and set out. It wasn't too long of a drive. We met Isaac's Me-me and added her to van load. We actually got there early and had to wait in the van for 20 minutes. Thankfully Mrs. Kellie has a cool van that was just like being in a jungle gym. :) We finally got in and paid $5/person. We folowed the path, stopped to throw rocks in the pond full of geese, and ended up in a big open area with a couple of elephant pens around us. Not too exciting by my account. But emma loved it. She said "we need to go back again" Isaac's Me-me and Kellie asked one of the volunteers lots of questions so us grown-ups learned alot.

The kids played in the gravel a bunch.

They liked the "baby" elephant especially when he was trying to stick he back leg out of the pen and when he was trying to break a "stick" (log) with his tusks/trunk.

As we were leaving we looked over and saw a couple of donkeys behind a fence. Garrett looked up and started yelling "neigh,neigh" and running toward the pen. He ran right up till he was super close then had second thoughts and started backing up and hid behind mommy's leg. Isaac and Emma fed him some hay through the gate.

It may not have been much to look at but it was a fun afternoon. Thank you Isaac's Me-me for letting us know about his and for going with us!


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