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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The circus came to town

Tanya and Airy are the best Aunt and Uncle in the world! Who else could I turn to in my time of need? noone but them! I knew I wanted Emma to get to go to the circus but I also knew Matt and I would be busy un-packing Sat morning. So, I turn to trusty 'ol Tanya and Airy and they filled in for me. They took Emma to the Circus and she had a blast. . . personally I think she thought it was much better because it was a treat to get to go with Tanya and Airy alone. :) Here are a few of the 50 (no lie) pictures Tanya took. If you notice the spots on my child, it's not chicken pox. Apparently she had a virus that gave her tons of spots that looked like huge mosquitos bites all over her face, arms, legs, and feet. Tanya and Airy tried to teach her to yell 'unclean, unclean" while walking through the crowd so they could get to their seats but she wouldn't do it. I took her and Garrett 9he had a few on one arm) to Children's Hospital friday night from 10-12 to be sure it wasn't something real bad adn to be sure she could be in public the next day. I didn't want to freak her out so I told her we were going to "the night Doctor" which worked fine untill I let the word "hospital" slip once. Then she said (in her whiney voice) "nooo I don't wanna go to the hospital" SO I had to explain that only the hospital had night dr's and we were going to one where Mrs. Marci worked, though she wans't there that night and mommy used to work there when she was in my belly. All that seemed to calm her down. We didn't have to wait long, which was a blessing. The Dr was real nice and good with kids. Once she said "you are too cute. did you know that?" to which my modest daughter replys "yeah" (with a sheepish grin) This of course made the Dr. laugh. All that to say she was spotted at the circus her wonderful Aunt and Uncle took her to, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

At the begining . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .getting close to the end . . . .

and what would an outing be without the I-man?
Happy Birthday Mr. Casey! What a way to celebrate!

who spoils you Emma? . . . . . . . . . . Tanya and Airy!

Circus shots


At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Corrie said...

We should have hired Tanya to be our photographer! :-)
Very nice pics!


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