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Thursday, August 03, 2006

In the still of the night . . .

For all the times in the day they frusterate, madden, and drive you absolutely crazy. There are also so many times that they are just so sweet and innocent you are reminded what a precious gift from God they are. Here's my two sleeping and reminding me how wonderful they are.

What's in a phrase?
We went to the zoo yesterday. Had fun with Isaac and Mrs. Kellie. Well we had fun but got realy sweaty. So I took a shower while Emma was napping. Then when she got up I started running a bath for her. She looked at my wet hair and said "you jumped in the shower?" I'd said that before her nap. I said "yes" she said "That not a good idea." I was confused but curious where this was going to I asked "Why not?" She said 'You can get hurt" ahhh so she took JUMP literally. cute. I then explained "when someone says they are going to jump in the shower it just means they are gonna take a quick shower and not spend any time playing. not really jumping in there. You are right that is not safe and you could get hurt." That was so cute and sweet that she was worried mommy would get hurt.

Yet again tonight her Bible Class teachers kept raving about how smart she is and how they are just going to let her teach from now on. :) It makes a mommy and daddy proud. . . . whereas I walked in to find Garrett asleep on his teacher.


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