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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sickly ones

We found out today Emma had a temp of 104 and a seriously bad cough. we did x-rays and thankfully ruled out the Flu. Garrett has RSV and a double ear infection. If they hadn't found a take home breathing machine we would have had to hospitalize him for the night. We go back to the Dr tomorrow (wednesday) to see if the treatments tonight have helped enough to keep him out of the hospital. So far he is sleeping soundly instad of the terrible coughing and wheezing of the last few days. Please pray he and emma will heal quickly and return to normal kid behavior soon.

We went back to the Dr today. All in all we got there at 10:20 we were finally done with everything and home at 1:30. uuggg. The Dr checked Emma. She is doing alot better. She had no fever today but was starting to get an ear infection. So we got medicine for her cough and her ear infection. She should be fine within a couple of days. Garrett on the other hand is much more serious. He is still at home so that's a blessing. He is coughing all the time and has a constant wheezing in his chest. His double ear infection was still pretty bad so we got medicine for that. We had to go purchace an updraft (breathing) machine for his RSV and he has added medicine for that. one medicine 2 times a day and one every 4-6 hours. He's not really keen on the gas mask he has to wear for 20 minutes so many times a day. He also has tylenol to make sure he doesn't start a fever. We cannot even guess to how long he can't be in public. So, we will see eveyone again one day :) He has a long road ahead of him to be fully recovered. Please keep both my kids in your prayers for their speedy recovery.


At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh poor babies! your family will definitely be in my prayers. That is not fun stuff to go through...especially the ear infections! yuck! Watch plenty of Disney and Nick Jr!

I think Amber is trying to get sick on me as well.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger laura bull said...

i will second the oh poor babies comment, and add to it... oh poor mommy! i pray that God is filling your cup with the strength that you need to endure this. you have an amazing love for your kiddos marti, and i know that it shines through even brighter in moments like these when they need you so! you're in my prayers... and garrett and emma too!


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