Welch Family Journal

Sunday, December 10, 2006

update sickly ones

The kids are doing a lot better. Garrett and emma slept most of the night the last two nights. That has been a blessing. Garrett still coughs some but not nearly as bad or as often as 4 days ago. He's still pulling on his ears but he still has 6 days of antibiotics left for that so it should get better in a few more days. He still needs the updraft machine at least twice a day for another week. You can still hear rasping when he breaths but nearly as much. His appetite is returning. He hasn't thrown up in over a day. Emma is barely coughing at all. Her fever is pretty much gone. Her stomach is getting better. She's still sick and sleeps more than she used to but she seems to be on the uphill climb now. They are both able to play happily now for longer periods of time. Matts stomach problems from the otehr day seem to have stopped and his appetite is returning as well. He has thrown up or anything else in several hours so that's a good sign. I was begining to feel sick yesterday but seem to be doing ok today so hopefully I will miss the intensity of Matt and emma's stomach problems.

Thank you for all the prayers on their and our behalf. I know they are working. I ask for your continued prayers for a complete recovery. It's such a blessing to have such good adn giving friends and family.


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