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Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas in T-Town

We had Christmas with Granny, Big Daddy, Tanya, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Jason, Aunt Lulu, Uncle Greg, Caroline, Hannah, Me-me and Popo this weekend. It was a great time with family! The kids got up Sat morning, we ate donuts, then finally got the huge amounts of presents passed out. We made a great haul! My favorite present for me was the purple and silver bracelet with emma and garretts names on them and my new diaper bag.

Emma loved her new Pj's and pink shoes. I think she wore them the rest of the day and the next day! She loved all her new presents. Garrett loved the tissue paper and bags the most. :)

Emma had a TON of fun with Caroline and Hannah. She loves playing with them. I think the 3 were inseperable for two days.

Garrett enjoyed all the attention and food!

Family Photos:

Aunt Tanya was quite tired from going out with ehr friends so after the fun she went down for a nap with the kids.

Lots of people took naps with the kids:

Aunt Lulu being attacked!


At 5:57 PM, Blogger laura said...

love love love the diaper bag! what a stylish mommy you're going to be :) so glad that you guys had fun! emma looks like she had a ball! miss you guys!

At 7:33 AM, Blogger PiperMatt said...

I made sure and made a good grumpy, "it's too early in the morning" face for you. :) <3

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Marie said...

Love the pictures! Looks like LuLu had a blast! She at least got her excercise! I love the bag and bracelt as well. Waht a stylish lady you are!
Poor Tanya- partying to hard with her friends! :)


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