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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

thankful 5

I've seen this on friends blogs and thought it was a good idea. I have been very stressed lately trying to organize my thoughts and actions around the tons of things I have deadlines for and have to do in the next 3 months. not to mention the just daily living things. So this morning (5:50AM) I am going to list 5 things I am thankful for in a hope to remind myself of why I do all these crazy things.

1. My kids. Even when they are getting on my last nerve and I am dreaming of a one way ticket to spmeplace else. They truely are my life. I can't imagine life without thema dn I feel truely blessed to be entrusted with two of God's angels for a short while.

2. My mom. I love being able to call her 2 times (or more) a day to ask 500 questions, tell her what "her" grandchildren hav edone now, or to just chat. I love having a close relationship with her.

3. Tanya. Need I say more? :) I love haveing such a close relationship with my "little" sister. She's fun to be around. She's even fun to argue with at times. She's funny, careing, crazy, and kind. Not to mention helpful with both kids!

4. My husband. He's a work in progress (like all husbands are) but when he helps with the kids and some of the housework it really helps me recharge memtally adn physically.

5. My job. Not every minute of every day by any means. But this is the first job I actually wanted to stay at after 4 months on the job. I have been here since Garrett was 6 months old and I still love coming in to work each day. (ok maybe not at 5:50am but once i get there I do) I love my boss (Rachel) and my friends/co-workers (Brandis!) I love my kids (yes I have favorites - canaan, cauy-boy, kinley)

This is by no mean an exhastive list of thinks I am thankful for. I think I will try to make it a weekly list and try not to use the same thing/person for a long time so I can further look at all the wonderful things and people God has placed in my life. Just doing these first 5 has brightened my spirits this morning and will help me not be as stressed with what life throws at me today. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day today!


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Granny said...

I love you too and the calls. I also love Tanya's calls which are usually about the same time as yours. Hmmmmmm, wonder how that works.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger PiperMatt said...

Hmm... at least I made the top 5...


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