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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Arggg Mateys

A pirate says Argggg . . .
Isaac had a Pirate birthday party several weekends ago. Here are a few of the highlights. (the kids LOVED it!)

This is one of the kids on the scavenger hunt. By the last clue they had all figured out how the game was played. :) 

Ahhh the treasure!

My two ended up jumping in big puddles even though it was freezing outside and they both already had a small cough. . . . no one else allowed their children to partake . . . I guess I'm the only cool parent ;) 

Waiting to eat the pirate cake

Trying to light the candles. Isaac really wanted his candles lit. It was REAL windy out. finally with the help of three people blocking we got candles for a couple of seconds.

Kellie had to find a use for the tiny plastic swords! 

Opening presents

Garrett waving his pirate flag

The pirate crew

The 3 musketeers 

Kellie's AWSOME Pirate ship cake 

Birthday boy


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