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Thursday, March 20, 2008


                    Garrett is 2 today!


It's hard to believe my little baby is 2 today. It seems like a moment ago he was brand new in my arms. He really is a joy to have. He is beginning to be all boy and getting into all sorts of things but he is also so sweet and loving. 
He LOVES trains
He LOVES race cars (and his new race car bed)
He keeps telling people "big Daddy get me bob builder cake"  . . for his birthday
He has a wide vocabulary especially for a 2 year old
He LOVES playing with sissy and I (isaac) and thinks he's 4 like them
He's a momma's boy right now but loves his Bid Daddy, Daddy and Popo a bunch too
He'll eat just about anything . . . and a lot of . . like his daddy ;)
He still has his "that" (passy) but will be losing it very soon
We have a ruff ruff we take EVERYWHERE
He calls most animals by there sounds not there names (ex: a cat is a meow meow)
He likes to listen to things and continually asks "you hear that mommy?"
Yes he can sing parts of the Wicked soundtrack as well as Jesus Loves Me
He is generally a quick learner on most things
He is being more stubborn each day 
He likes to play in the dirt and with bubbles
He likes to "read" and have books read to him
He LOVES bath time
Some of his favorite foods include french fries and cheese dip
He likes watching Tv and zones out like his mommy
He likes Little Einsteins and Thomas the Train the most
He actually likes taking medicine and will cry if someone else gets some and not him 
He has a huge smile and big eyes that work together to make your heart melt


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