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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grandparent's Weekend 2008

Friday was Grandparent's Day at CAC. The grandparent's were invited to come for a program where each grade sang a song. Then they could go meet their grandchild's teacher and see their room. Finally they had lunch with their grandchild and hopefully (for the teachers) took the child home with them. It is a busy week of preparing and decorating but it turned out great! The 3's and 4's decorate the cafeteria and eat there. The rest of the grades decorate tables in the gym and eat over there. This year's theme was "grandparents get our vote" so we decorated with red, white, and blue.

After the morning program Emma preformed at the half time show at the high school with the big cheerleaders.

This morning, Granny, Big Daddy, Me-me, Po-po, and Tanya all came to Emma's soccer game. Which is really more like a practice but I know it made Emma feel special they all came to watch her. I fell so lucky that at least one side of the family does live close enough to be able to come to things for the kids and make them feel so special and loved and that the other side of the family does such a great job of spoiling them rotten when they are able to see them that they feel loved yet again! What a great family we have!

Here's their Grandparent's Day song.

Here are pictures from Grandparent's Day at school and the Grandparent's soccer game.


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