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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trunk or treat 2008

Friday night was our church's Trunk-or-treat . . a safe alternative to going house to house. Several people from the congregation make a big circle with all their cars and open their trunks and pass out candy. The kids love it. We get to see several of our friends all dressed up and they get to have candy. We even went out to eat after wards all dressed up! We have done this since emma was barely walking. Since we usually go out to eat afterwards we usually go home and turn off the light so Emma , and now garrett, can get to bed. I didn't really think too much about it until a conversation emma had with granny friday. Granny was asking her what she was doing that night. Then she said "I'm going to stay home and pass out candy" Emma replied "why?" . . . yes apparently my child didn't know most people go house to house and beg for candy while others stay home and pass out the candy. Oops. So then I had to explain it all too her. :) Oh well.


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