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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip 2008

Friday was Emma's class field trip to the pumpkin patch. She and I had a lot of fun. We rode the hayride, fed leaves to goats and sheep and donkeys, took a ton of pictures, sat on a tractor, had fun with her school friends, and ate a picnic lunch. She started the day running around with Isaac (of course). Then Isaac went off with some guy friends and emma went off her direction. That's when her friend boy Gracen found her. After that wherever Emma went he followed. He is the same one who found her at the football game and stayed by her until his parents made him come back with them. :) He totally has a huge crush on Emma. How cute is that?! I asked emma about it and she said (with an annoyed voice) "he follows me around everywhere" I told her "he probably really likes you and just wants to play with you. Instead of walking off alot, try finding a game you two cam play together" We'll see how that goes next week at school. He seems sweet (not crazy running around and seems to obey his parents in public) One of the highlights of her trip? Getting to ride the hayride the 2nd time with Gracen and Gracen's da . . but no mommy . . . ;( yeah, she wanted to ride alone. I said ok (You can see the tractor the whole time it makes the loop in the field). Gracen's dad hopped on with him but I hid my you-don't-want-mommy-by-you? sadness and let her go. Here's some shots of our fun day.


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