Welch Family Journal

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday was also breakfast with Santa. There was a christmas movie playing, foam ornament decorating, and cookie decorating. As well as the famous photos with Santa. Garrett loved seeing Santa. He kept asking questions like "where his reindeer?" "Where his sled?" . . Emma on the other hand figured out right away who our special guest was. So I had to pull her aside and explain he was given the suit by the 'real' santa so the real santa could keep working on making toys, he had special helpers to do all the picture taking and ask what the boys and girls want. Then the threat IF she told anyone the real santa would know and he'd take the special suit away and she wouldn't get presents from him. She almost slipped up twice to garrett but i caught her. I think the secret is safe for now. And thankfully she still believes in a real santa. I love the innocence.


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