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Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's finally snowing in AR

Here it is, the 1st day of March, and it's finally snowing here in AR. Well, it snowed good for about 2 hours. Now it's mostly ice. It was nice to see. Pretty and white. We were supposed to go to a high school play with Emma. Garrett was supposed to get some Tanya time. Then the snow began. At the point I had to decide, it was coming down fast. So I called Tanya and said not to come. (Big sister didn't want her driving back later that night in case the snow had kept up) Then told Matt, we'd go with Mrs. Kellie (I was sick anyway) tomorrow instead. 

Sounds like a great night to stay in and snuggle.  . . Would be a great plan IF yo don't totally burn the grilled cheese and get put on a long hold with Pizza Hut. So i threw the kids in the car and drove through good old Mickey D's. We came home and had a picnic downstairs and watched Hunchback of Notre Dame. It is a dark movie but Matt had been listening to the soundtrack in the car and Emma kept asking questions about it. So, we watched it and I answered 500 questions as best I could. (I smoothed over several of them if it was possible) It was a fun little night for the kids and I. (daddy was out at the church building bonding with some of the men from church) 

Our picnic:


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