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Thursday, April 23, 2009

G's 3 year check up

Earlier this week I took Garrett to his 3 year check up. I told him on the way there where we were going and why. He was fine. He likes his Dr. As we pull into the parking lot he says "I want to go to Tanya's Dr" . . what? I try to think quickly when has he been to a dr with tanya. I come up with nothing, so I ask "What dr? Where?" his reply "In txrkana(Spelled the way he said it)" I am still trying to figure it out but I think h means Tanya's Hospital where she worked. Yet again I ask "Why?"  . . .His reply now, "I want to ride the sklator(spelled the way he said it)"  . .. Nice he is smart enough to connect he was going to a dr, drs worked at tanyas hospital in texarkana, and there was a fun escalator at that hospital. Good to know his train of thought but sadly a quick 4 hour round trip jaunt to t-town to ride the "magic stairs" is not in the cards today! HA!

Once we go into the exam room, he looks around and asks"Why we in this room?" I say "It's just a room baby. Why?"  "Am my getting a shot?" I kind of chuckle and say "I don't know, we'll have to ask the nurse. Why?" He points to the exam table and says "That the shot table. They put you up there and shot you in the legs."  . . .ok so he may also have an excellent memory like his sister. I laugh and the nurse standing there listening laughs and says she'll go ask the dr for him. 

Good news. NOT a shot day. Which is what he tells people the rest of the day "No shots today!" 

He is in the 80-90% in height and weight though! Good boy says Daddy!


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