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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funny sayings by the kids

A few funny sayings/things from the kinds here lately.

we were in the grocery store and i was looking for vitamins. After I found what I needed, I noticed Emma at the end of the isle with several vitamin boxes in her hand. Instead of blowing up, I calmly asked her "Do you have a good reason for having all those in your hands?" She looked up at me and said "Mom, they were all mixed up. There were Cinderella ones in the spiderman isle and scooby do ones in the veggie tale spot." . . . Yep she's inherited my OCD. I rearrange things on shelves when i notice them. :) Well, needless to say I couldn't get her in trouble for that. So I just asked "did you fix them all?" She said "yes" So we went on form there.

When his class was getting ready to dye easter eggs, somehow he and his best friend got into a conversation about chicks being in eggs . . . He got a very serious and confused look on his face and asked his teacher. "Are there chicks in these eggs?" She smiled and said "No" He though a minute, got an even more concerned look on his face and said "Did we kill the chicks?" His teacher busted out a laugh and came to get me. She was laughing and asked me what to say to that. I of course told her to tell him these were not eggs with chicks in them. (by that point there weren't any anyway)

He might have gotten a tad spoiled by his wonderful family at his birthday. When Granny sent him an Easter card he looked at hi and said "Is there money in there?" I laughed and said "No honey" He looked at me and said "Why there no money in there?" . . I laughed even more and said "I don't know baby. You'll have to ask Granny. "  . . .I blame Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank for buying the piggy bank and sending quarters to "feed it" :)


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