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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Garrett's 1st lost tooth

Garrett finally lost his first tooth! He was not excited about it being loose. He was so worried it would fall out in the middle of the night and choke him he wouldn't wiggle it or show it to you. I tried to explain that even if he did accidentally swallow it, it's too small to choke him. Yet, he still worried. So, needles to say we were all excited when he finally lost it! He lost it on the school bus one morning. It was pretty loose already and he was leaning forward and the bus hit a bump and he bumped his mouth on the seat in front of him. According to Emma he "freaked out" and was "crying a lot" because it came out like that. I was at his school later that day to participate in his Christmas Party and he was proud of it by then. He was ready for the tooth fairy! What I find interesting are all the similarities between Garrett and Emma's 1st lost tooth stories.

1. Both lost it because it was real loose and was accidentally bumped
2. Both lost it around Christmas time
3. Both lost it near Grammie and Jesse

Garrett put it under his pillow and woke up to $2!! (Emma only got $1 for her first)


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