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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sept 1st week updates

Recent Updates:

The kids are doing great in school. They love going each day. They are making lots of friends, even if they don't always remember the new friends names.

Friday we went to Garrett's Kindergarten picnic. We brought a picnic dinner. They had it on the blacktop by Emma's big playground. They hired a kid friendly DJ and had a rocking party. I met a couple of parents from his class. It was a cute time.

Matthew got to go back to LR for a few days. The rest of us were quite jealous! Glad he got to go and see special friends though.

After he flew back in we loaded up the van and went to CT for a family bday party. That was fun to get to see those family members again. Of course emma and garrett were super excited that Calvin and Lucas (cousins) were there.

I had another interview last week. We'll see how it goes. . . . though gotta say, kinda enjoying staying home without kids right now. I know we will eventually need to eat and buy gas and then this whole not working things gonna stink. But for now, it's a nice break from all the activities I was either in charge of or co-in charge of in LR. ;)

Matt's really enjoying the Youth Group time up here. We've been to several people's houses for dinner/get together and have already made several friends. Matt's taking the YG to Six Flags New England this Saturday. Should be great. Due to lack of extra transportation, the kids and i will be staying home. . . . Maybe next time.

One of the YG kids parents walked up to Matt Sunday and handed him 4 Red Sox tickets. (Nice) so we're taking Emma to her 2nd and Garrett to his 1st Fewnway game this Friday. Sadly, somehow after 11 years of marriage I have no Red Sox clothing. So I am trying to decide on a new top for the game since the rest of my family has Red Sox attire.

Then Sunday Matt's going to a Patriots game. The next Wednesday Matt's going to another Red Sox game. (The Pat's and other Sox tix were bday/xmas gifts he already had from his mom and sister.) So he has a busy sports filled bday week coming up. . . .Ps his bday is Wed, Sept. 21. :)

We had a couple of cold days last week and I realized I didn't have my and matt's fall/winter clothes boxes here. So I finally went to the storage shed and found them, the day before it got hot again. :) But Fall is quickly approaching up here. One of the good things about this fall/winter time up here is I get new clothes! I don't have nearly enough winter clothes to support myself up here. ;) Darn.

Kids are still loving the Library up here. They love that's its within walking distance so I let them get books and movies all the time. They also love getting to run into their Grammie (and Aunt Jesse) almost every time they go there.

That's about all this past week had in store. I will update more as it happens.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Cat said...

I remember a time long, long ago where some crazy (kid-less)folks sat out at a Red Sox game through 18 innnings until somewhere around 2 or 3 am.

You don't know them do you? :-)

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Cat said...

Hope you guys enjoy the game this Friday and that it's a little shorter than that other one.

Oh, and convince them to win! Goodness knows they need it!


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