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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Things to remember from this week

Yesterday Emma was put down for a nap by Me-me then checked on a few minutes later by mommy. She was laying down and drinking her juice cup so mommy went to go pump in the other room. 45 minutes later, the door to the study opens a little then closes. I call out "emma?" "emma? is that you?" (Big Daddy was gone so it had to be her) I stop pumping and go out to find her starting to walk back to the bedroom. I look down and her feet have nail polish all over them. Now I am so mad I am seeing red! I grab her arm and take her to Tanya's bathroom where I find the nailpolish spilled on Granny's rug. I get loud and say "No, No, No, Emma. That was bad" and sit her on th top of the potty while I try to salvage the rug. I am losing my temper more and more by the minute so I decide to put her back down for a nap before I lose my temper at her. I spank her and lay her down telling her to "never get the nail polish out unless mommy or daddy is there with her" Finally today I can begin to joke about it. Thankfully it spilled on a rug that can be thrown away and a nother bought and not on laid in carpet. Well when she got up from her nap I told her I loved her but that was a bad thing to do because she broke Granny's rug. Also when Granny got home from work she needed to tell Granny she was sorry she broke her rug. Ok no biggi. A couple of hours later, Granny comes home and Emma runs out of the reck room and says "I broke your rug. sorry" I was proud she remembered and did it like I said. Even if she doesn't fully comprehend what she's saying or why. I know she can remember some things to a certain extent now.

The same day as the nail polish incident. When she got up from her nap and came out of the room she had no pants on. Well not a big surprise she does love to take her shoes and pants off these days. I pulled up her shirt to make sure she had a diaper on still and she had on her pull-up. It took me a couple of minutes to remember she had a diaper on when she got spanked and laid down. So I asked her "emma did me-me change your diaper?" she said "No. I was wet. I put on pull-up" I went back tot eh bedroom and there was her wet diaper on the floor by her bed. (Thankfully it was only wet!) So, real potty training starts Monday. If she is changing her own diapers she is ready to potty train.

Emma has had a ton of fun here this week! She liked visiting the familys. She loved Uncle Hoyt and as we drove off she was saying "mommy the grandpa" wanting togo back to his house. I guess it's because of his white hair that he was called "the grandpa" instead of Uncle Hoyt, which we had practiced all the way to Ashdown. She loved seeing Uncle John and Aunt Merida because they gave her a big stuffed white cat as she was leaving. She had fun going to me-me and po-po's house without mommy and brother and they took her to the park and fed the ducks. We've all had a lot of fun adn got real spoiled this week.


At 6:43 AM, Blogger Marie said...

I have heard the saying that moving from one kid to two kids can be the hardest transition- after the second it is a piece of cake! It will get easier. You will be in my prayers. Bring her over when ever you need to(you are welcome to come too!)

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