Welch Family Journal

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A weekend with Caroline

We went to Granny and Big Daddys this weekend so Emma could play with Caroline and Hannah. They rode bikes, played inside and out, and drove the rest of us up the walls. It was great to see her having so much fun with her cousins though. Caroline brought her bike to ride. We forgot to bring Emmas. She bravely attempted to ride a little plastic wheeled one but soon gave up and ran along with Caroline. So later we went to wally world and got a "gender neutral" bike like hers at home to keep for all the grandkids at Grannys. She was sooo excited to have a real bike to ride with Caroline. Except for a few choice moments she was sucha cutie this weekend. During church I went to the nursery with Garrett to rock to sleep. Apparently while i was gone they started the communion and my lovely daughter began singing "Jesus loves Me" in her cute little 2 year old voice. The whole song. Matt said she was singing in full voice, but not yelling, and he didn't have the heart to tell her to be quiet. I mean it was Jesus Loves Me and it was during a time when we are all supposed to be concentrating on the price Jesus paid for us. I think she was super smart and knew exactly what to do!


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