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Monday, November 06, 2006

Boy dress up

Casey has done a good job putting up with his son dressing up like a fairy, ballerina, and princess when he's at our house. I know most Daddies don't want their son's dressing up like that. But you know you work with what you've got. We had a girl first so we had a ton of girl dress up clothes. Now we have a firman hat adn a hard hat. So here's a picture for Casey and the other Daddies whose son's have had to play dress up with girls. :) Thanks for being so understanding!


At 4:46 PM, Blogger laura bull said...

Okay... funny story. So Nathan is sunday school this last week and his teacher bought a bunch of toys for all the kids. they all played with the animals that God made and other fun things... but when it came time to love on the babies... Nathan wouldn't even touch them. so yeah... i guess he's all boy :) and the teacher asks me... what are you teaching him at home. and in the same way you said you had a girl first... well we had a boy first... so yeah... with all those baby dolls we have around the house i teach him to give them swirlies in the toilet and hit them on their heads. isn't that what i should be doing?


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