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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hidden Hazard

Emma and Isaac have always been allowed to jump off the steps dowstairs as long as they count 1,2, then jump off that one. well i was in the kitchen with Tanya yesterday and we hear crying. Emma's laying at the bottom of the steps crying that she hurt her foot. Then I see how . . . as Isaac jumps off the 3rd step. I hold her and love on her a few minutes and try to get her to walk on it. She crys everytime she trys. So I call Granny . . . .our resident nurse. She says give her advil and TLC and she should be ok in the morning. So I indulge her and carry her around the house all night. She wakes up and still won't walk on it. All day long she refuses to walk on it even at daycare with her friends playing around her. So we go to the Dr and he x-rays it. Thankfully no fractures or breaks! He says she prob sprained it or pulled a tendon. She needs advil 3 times a day and keep trying to walk on it. Give her some TLC and attention for a couple of days and she'll be fine. She is now crawling around the house to avoid walking on it. It's going to be a long couple of days but hopefully we'll make it through. :)


At 8:09 AM, Blogger Marie said...

poor Emma. Who knew you could get hurt jumping off the stairs. And I have no idea where a young lady would even learn that!! Her daddy must have taught her- that man!! ;) You should teach her her the drop and roll technique- jump and roll to safety from other jumpers! Then maybe she will only knock her head on the wall or something. Not that that works with my boys, but it might your lady! :)


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