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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Emma's first day at CAC preK3

Wednesday was CAC's first day of school. Emma could hardly sleep tuesday night she was so excited about going to school. We got up and got ready. We got there way too early because mommy cannot judge time and distance very well. :) Oh well no biggi. So we were the first ones there for her class. We went in and took a picture with Mrs. Workman. Then she was allowed to roam the small room and find whatever she could. She of course zeros in on the dress up and babies. I waited around untill Mrs. Kellie, King Casey, and Isaac showed up. Took a picture of them together, kissed her, and left. She didn't care one iota that I left! Ingrate! Oh well I guess that's good that she wasn't one of the ones crying and clinging to mommy's legs. She's so big. I thought about her all day. :) I couldn't wait to go pick her up. I got there after Mrs. Kellie and after she had already gone to after school care for 2 minutes because I didn't know they were sent to after school care automatically unless you told their teacher to bring them out to you in the drop off lane at 2:30. :) She let me know I was late. :) Even with that, she had a super first day. Today she had a great 2nd day. She is really liking school and Mrs. Workman.

CAC Sylvan Hills campus

Emma in her big girl car seat

Our big girl in her school uniform

Ms. Workman

The dress up area

Some of the girls in their uniforms

The cookies Mommy and Emma made to share her first day


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You are like the coolest Mom ever! Do you teach classes for loser moms like me?


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