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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My kids are amazing

Most kids are terrible when they have ear infections, in fact that's part of what tips most parents off that they might have one. My kids on the otehr hand mght be a little more grumpy but otherwise be fine. Garrett has a cough last week. I treated with OTC meds and it's helped enough I don't need them to ensure he will sleep all night now. I thought he had allergies because of his runny nose but the claritin hasn't done too much help. Then he sounded wheezy so I did updraft for a few days. Yesterday he was digging in his ears on the car ride home. He hasn't had a temp. He hasn't been wking up in the night. He hasn't "acted sick" very much at all. He's been kinda cranky but I've also cut donw on his passy usage. He also has had some Runny BM's the last couple of days. Well since he dug in his ears and we want to go see Granny this weekend I took him into the Dr just in case today. He has a bad double ear infection. Bad enough each time the Dr looked into an ear she said "ohh yeah that's bad" Poor baby. She said he prob had a virus last week (with the cough) and it got into his ears and upset his stomach. So, he's now on meds . . . . and still cranky (may that was the passy thing after all) The worst pat for him will be the few days of no Milk. My two kids cna put away 4 gallons of milk a week if we'd let them. :) we like milk around here! So, the passy may return utnill the milk can come back full swing. :


At 6:35 AM, Blogger Marie said...

ugg. no fun- but glad he is doing better. don't you love it when you can tell by the first words out of the drs mouth (or the look on their face) just how bad it is?


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