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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Playing in the sink

Tonight Emma wanted to play in the water. Actually, first she wanted to help with the dishes. (when does it go from "please let me help you iwth the dishes" to me yelling "if you don't start doing the dishes right now you are grounded" ?) At first I told her "No Mommys too worn out" she cried a little. I tought about it. Which would be more tireing 1. supervising them getting wet in the sink or 2. chaseing them all over the house ?? Then I said "ok baby. we can do it" I pulled up the stepladder and started filling the sink. Then, I hear a "I play" from the corner of the room. So, I pull up another chair and fill the other side of the sink. They had the most fun playing in the sink. They got all wet adn the floor had to be covered with towels. But who cares? It's the fact they had fun and played nice with each otehr that really matters. If you want I can pull out my "daycare teacher" reasonings too. They learned about volume and gravity tonight. ;)

Having fun at the sink

All wet!


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