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Monday, November 05, 2007

HU Homecoming 2007

This past weekend was Homecoming at Harding. We took the kids down for The Pied Piper show in the late morning. Matt was a Piper for one tour so we always try to take the kids. Emma is a bit shy about it all but ends up loving it and repeating parts of it for weeks afterwards. Garrett loved it. They really liked the couple of times the old pipers (daddy) went up on stage to help out.

Then we went to the pony rides, petting zoo, and blow up jumping things. and met up with TANYA! (the highlight of my trip) The kids had fun. They loved the animals. In fact somehow Garrett sotted the "neighs" all the way across a parking lot and lawn area when we were getting out of the car. Once he got to ride the onys he didn't want to do anything else. Emma liked the pony ride but loved getting to feed the cow, pig, goat, rabbits. Then cried when we had to go and she had to put the puppy down she was holding.

Next was off to nap/rest at Tanyas apartment. Matt and I were introduced to "The Office" TV show. It was very dry humor but it cracked matt and myself up. Then we went out to Coltons for dinner. FInally we went to campus adn went to the musical 'Wizard of OZ' It was ok. There were parts that were awsome (the big wizard head, wicked and lion king references) then some parts that were just drug out too long (jitterbug scene) Emma ended up falling asleep before it was over. Thank you to Mandy for watching Garrett so we could go see the show. Even if it was just an ok show the day was great one spent with family.

cute emma saying: As I was putting her carseat into Tanyas car so she could ride with her. Emma says "I like riding with the people I love" how cute it that?!


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