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Friday, December 21, 2007

2007 Emmas class Christmas Party

Today was Emma's class Christmas party. The day started out sleeping in for Mommy (till 6:40am!) Then Emma and I got up and went to McDonalds for breakfast (Daddy has used the last of the milk up the night before so we had no milk for breakfast).

Next I dropped Emma off at school. Went to walmart for milk. Got home in time to change a stinky diaper on Garrett. I finished wrapping presents for this weekend. Got Garrett dressed and went to McDonalds for the 13 Happy Meals I needed. Grabbed two gift cards. Then finally ended up back at school with Emma. They ate their McDonalds. Played outside a few minutes. Had Santa visit. Then did a Christmas Tree edible craft (thanks Mrs. Kellie!) All in All it was a great day for Emma, Garrett, and I.

Mandy came too! . . . . . Meagan was there too but we didn't get a picture.

Our reindeer shirts:
Making our Christmas Trees

Thank you Santa!

There's only a few tears:


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