Welch Family Journal

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

1st time out

I just put Garrett in his first time out. Don't get me wrong he's been swatted on the hand and leg for things and made to sit down for a minute for other things but he's never had a real "pt-him-in-his-room-and-shutthe-door" time out. He did NOT like it. He and emma were fighting because he was taking her colors and throwing them. That's two offences right there. she got told to go to her room for pushing him down. he got put in his room for his offences. They both cried a bunch. I think it hurt his feelings mor ethat he was banned from Mommy than anything. He prob. didn't really undestand but we have to start sometime. Tonight seemed like the time. (they both only stayed in their rooms about 2 minutes) They were both playing happily within a couple of minutes. :)


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