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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas program

Today was Emma's class Christmas Program. It was very cute. Each grade had a Christmas song to sing. Each class was dressed up according to their song. Emma's class sang Jingle Bells. They'd made jingle bell necklaces and bracelets. It was so cute to watch her up there. Kellie and I sat down in the isle to video their singing. As they walked in, Garrett saw Emma and was saying "sissy, sissy!" After, their song was done they sat in the front row. Matt, Garrett, and I snuck around and in front of her to take pictures of ehr and so she could see Daddy was there. At the end of the program all the kids got up there and sang one last song. I snuck around the backway to meet them in their room. When they go tto the room Emma was crying. She was upset because she thought I'd left without saying bye. :) Then since she was upset she didn't want me to leave. By this point I needed to get going so I asked her if she just wanted to go with me. She did. So I took her to daycare with me. A little bit later I got a call from Kellie, Isaac was crying because Emma was supposed to go home with him today and he was sad because she went with me. aahhh! So many tears!

It's Mandy! We love our Mandy!


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