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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gymnastics Party

Today we went to a friend of mine's son's 4 year Birthday party at River City Gymnastics It was a lot of fun. Well organized. Lots for the kids to do. Highly entertaining and lots of movement. They start with their 2 coaches at the pirate ship slide. Which you climb up a and slide down into a pit of foam blocks. They next move on to an obstacle course with a blow up jumping/slide thing, a couple of smaller trampolines, and big foam pieces to climb over, and a small on the floor balance beam. Next, they dance along with a CD. After that, they go over to the "runway" trampoline and jump along and jump into another foam block pit. Flowing that they go and sit in a circle around the Birthday kid. Each guest gets to take a turn taking their present up to the birthday kid and watching them open it. ( i like this idea) Finally it is followed up with cake and juice. I was really impressed with the whole thing. Emma doesn't really know Casen (birthday boy) but Garrett does and Julie's my friend so we went. Emma had a blast! Nathan was there so she did at least know one kid there but I don't think she cared because she was having so much fun. Thank you Julie for inviting us and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASEN!

The pirate ship slide:
The 1st foam pit:

Garrett got really excited about the blocks!

Pretty girl.
The jumping/slide thing:

One of the trampolines:

Mommy had to get in to help Garrett out of the 2nd foam pit.

Mr. Ben and Case opening his presnet from Emma and Garrett.

Eating cake.


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