Welch Family Journal

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

TV screening

I went out on a limb tonight. I allowed my kids to sit with me and watch The Incredibles tonight. Why do i say out on a limb? because untill tonight I haven't let my kids, especially the oldest, watch any type of TV show that has any kind of vilolence, even cartoon ones. I am not the type that thinks my kids are gonna be ruined by playing cops and robbers or anything, but in these days and times cops and robbers could get you kicked out of school. Plus I figure the later I introduce them to violence the better for them to remain innocent. It did lead to several instances where I had to explain why the mean man was being mean and why he was trying to hurt the other people and the like. I tried my best to make my answers vague and yet still answer her. I still believe she (nor garrett) need to be exposed to violence so we will not be watching many more shows/cartoons that has fighting. Noggin, and Sprout channels for us for a while longer.


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