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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Arkansas weather

Sunday we were in jeans a t-shirts working in the yard a little warm because of the long pants. Today we woke up to snow!  This afternoon we came out of daycare to find all the snow melted and the sun shining. Crazy crazy. 

I woke Emma up today saying "You will need to pick a long sleeve shirt and you need to wear you heavy coat today. I have a surprise to show you downstairs. You might need to call Grammie and Jesse on your way to school" She was excited to find out what was going on. She went downstairs and saw the snow all over our deck and still falling. She was excited. So, I told her we could play in it when we got home today. 

We went on to daycare and she went to school. Mrs. Julie took a couple of the kids outside in the morning to play on the playground in the snow. At first Garrett didn't like it. Then we found him some gloves and his mood improved. We got several good pictures of him and the few kids we took out.

Playing in the snow with friends

We were getting our coats on to go outside and get emma from school and my heart sank. ALL the snow was gone. ALL the snow emma had been waiting for and waiting for was gone before she got to play in it. I hated the long drive across town because i knew the ride home would be filled with questions and crying. (I was right)

We got home and there was a tiny bit of slush on our deck. she was so excited to go out and play. After about 1 minute she came back in crying because her hands were freezing from the slush melting into her gloves. 

So, this snow was a disappointing one. I wish the fun snow could have lasted  a few hours longer or that her teacher would have taken them out to play a little. Oh well. Maybe next time. 


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