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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Emma vs. The Pole

I got a call from Emma's school today saying she was ok but had a bruise forming from running into a pole outside. What?! Apparently Mrs. Workman blew her whistle to get the kids to line up and Emma came running . . . not looking first . . and ran into a metal pole with her face. Ouch!  They put emma on the phone and she was crying and asking for me. I decided it'd be better if I just went and got her instead of her being sad and moody for her teacher all day. (ok let's face it. the mommy-come-hold-her-baby instinct kicked in for mommy) So I went to get her. She was fine by the time I got there but I'd already made the trip so I started to take her. When I told Isaac I would be back for him he got the almost-ready-to-bust-into-tears look. So I took him too. :) (yes, I realize I'm a sucker) They spent the day with me at daycare and had a blast playing. :)  Emma was showing off her bruise to everyone. . . like a badge of honor. Too funny. I laughed most of the way there about my daughters gracefulness . . . I'm afraid she got that from me . . well now that I think about it her Aunt Tanya (who she's most like) tried to catch a ball with her face before. Maybe it's her fault! 


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