Welch Family Journal

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friends come over

Emma has made a good friend in Casen. He is My friend Julie's son. They are 4 days apart in age. Casen has been taken with emma for a while now. He loves it when she gets to skip school and come to daycare to play with him. Emma loves playing with him as well. We've babysat Casen and his sister Kinley (close to Garrett's age) at their house before. This thursday they came to our house to play. Emma and Casen waited and waited all week for them to come over. The 4 kids played great! I love that they have a kid for each of my kids to play with. Plus I know their mom well enough I know they have a similar upbringing and will not do/say/watch anything I might be against. I love this mutual friendship for both my kids and me (I <3 Julie too!) 


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