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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Emma's 8th Birthday

My baby girl is 8! She seems too young to be 8 yet she tries to act like she 18. ;)

She had a lot of fun this year. She got to celebrate 4 times! The first time was with our church small group. Ms. Jolie busted out party hats and a candle to make her feel special. She loved it!

The 2nd party was with our MA family. This was the first year they have been able to attend one of her birthday parties. That alone made it super special for her. We had pizza upstairs at Aunt Jesse and Uncle Jeff's house. We had all the family over and she received several awesome presents!

Her iPod Shuffle from Mom and Dad!

Bonding time with Uncle Rob

Her 3rd party was at school. (sorry no pictures)

Her 4th and final celebration was her actual party. She had it at Snip-it's Salon. She invited a few of her friends from church. All the little girls got their hair done, nails done, did a fashion show, and got to color a take home bag. It was a special time with new friends.


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