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Monday, July 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

This Christmas had us waking up in Mass. The kids put their stockings upstairs at Jesse's house since she had a fireplace and the Christmas tree. My kids slept good. Jesse kept trying to make noise so Emma would wake up, but she didn't. :) I woke Garrett up and we all went upstairs and opened stockings and presents. The kids loved their presents! Emma loved getting an American Girl doll and Garrett loved getting his own DSi. (Mommy got a Kindle Fire- Thanks Matthew!. Daddy got an iPad- thanks Matthew! err Marti :) ) After presents were done, we hurried downstairs with our loot. stacked it in a corner. Got on the road to get to church in time, with a stop at Dunkin Donuts of course! Had a great Sunday school and service. Had about 20 minutes of snow flurries. Then we booked it back to Natick for the family lunch. We enjoyed our extended family time. Came back to the house. Went to bed and got up early the next morning to fly to AR.

Our AR week went as follows:
One night/day in Memphis visiting old friends . . .well not OLD, just friends we've had a long time. :) The kids enjoyed the DS bonding and marshmallow gun fights.

Two days in AR at one of our Big Kids Houses. A night at Larry's with 1/2 NLR to see and visit with quickly.

Two days in Texarkana with the Pope side of the family. Loved getting to see everyone and have the kids play together! Santa visited again and the kids got spoiled with more presents. Which we left there for them to ship up to us since we flew down and didn't have the space to bring it back with us.

It was a way to quick trip! Though we're so glad we were able to visit even if just for a little bit with many friends and family we've left back in AR. Love and miss yall!


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