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Monday, July 10, 2006

Great Great Great Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank

EDIT: (by Matt) Read Marti's comments below about Emma's trip to Blockbuster and then come back to right here... I'll wait (I highlighted them in blue).... ok you're back... when they came home from Granny's house, she told me "Daddy daddy! I got to watch a princess movie!" I asked her if it was good and she keenly observed, "Yes, but it's just for girls. Boys don't like it... boys like BASEBALL!" It was too cute. I think she then realized that she was implying that girls didn't like baseball... because she quickly followed that with "Girls like baseball too, but boys still don't like princesses." She's too smart for her own good! :)

This weekend the kids and I went to Grannya nd Big Daddy's to see them, me-me, po-po, Uncle Frank, and great great great Aunt Judy. Ok so to Emma she's tech. only a great great aunt but the 3rd one is and adjective meaning how great she is. :) We went down friday morning at got there around 12:30 b/c we had to stop twice because Emma said she had to go potty. She apparently had just peed in her pull-up then told me, but at least she's trying. And at the second stop Garrett woke up and wanted some of his bottle. So we got there and ate lunch with Granny and Big Daddy. Went back to their house adn attempted a nap. Didn't work so great. Went to me-po's but they weren't home. Then Emma and I went to Blockbuster to rent her a big girl movie. I told ehr she could pick out whatever movie she wanted. It was too cute to watch her trying to pick which one she wanted. In the end she settled on a Princess Stories one. We went back and watched it. me-po came over after they saw our note. Saturday we got up, ate, and got ready to go to me-po's. We got there right as they were getting ready to eat. :) Emma was a bit apprehinsive at first but soon became good friends with Frank. We played there for a while then Granny took Emma (and me and Garrett) to get her bandgs cut at a real hair cutting place. This is Emma's first "real hair cut". She sat there so still and did great! Then another short nap and dinner at me-pos. Sunday we went to Grannys church and found out emma has learned the generic answer "I learned about Jesus". I asked her "what did you talk about in class?" she said "Jesus" I looked at her coloring page and it said "Moses" hummm . . . ok then. She had fun though, that counts for something. Then it's lunch at me-pos and back out of town to see daddy. It was a fun weekend. We're glad we got to go see everybody.


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