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Friday, June 30, 2006

the country

We went to "The country" (as Marci calls it) again today. Today it was Marci, Abby, Emma and myself. Mandy watched Garrett and Izzy. it was fun only ahveing the big kids. Emma loved playing with Abby. We went in the wave pool. Floated down the lazy river. Then we braved the water slides. First, Emma and i went down a little kid one in a double raft where the front area is filled in so she could sit in it without slipping out. She really enjoyed that one. Then we went up the pipeline one. A long, windy, dark and enclosed in places one. We got all the way to the top of the steps, of which i had to pick up emma towards the top because it was burning our feet, and I asked her again do you want to do this with mommy? She looked concerned but if abby was going to do it so was she. Well we were ina double raft (not the baby ones that had an enclosed front section) where I sat in the front and she sat on the middle of the two sections with ehr feet wrapped around my waist. Ok kinda scarey for mommy but i wrapped her legs around and held onto one of her ankles for dear life. Then we star off with a huge waterfall in our face, then a long area of completly dark and enclosed fast turns, next another waterfall in the face, open air fast curves, more water in the face to finally opening into a pool area. I tired to conceal my fear for her with yells like "whoo hoo isn't this funny baby?" every few seconds. we got off and she was shaking and said "i want to go back to the baby pool. that was kinda scarey" so maybe a 2 1/2 year old is a bit too young for the pipeline. :) I kinda knew that but didn't want to pass along my fears of heights and going fast to her. I told her (as i carried her back to eat lunch) that she was ok and mommy had a hold of ehr leg the whole time and would never let go of her. we decided she'd wait till she was 3 years old before we tried the big slide again and next time we'd just go on the littler slide a bunch.

Then we come home and hang out with the rhodes and mandy for a few. After Izzy woke up and went upstairs with the big kids we hear a cry over the monitor. MArci and Mandy walked upstairs to check. Marci asked Abby "why is Izzy crying?" abby replies with "I don't know I wasn't even in there" Emma pipes up "well i was" So Marci asks here "why is Izzy crying?" Emma says "I pushed her". ok so at least she's honest. Then mandy says to emma "let's go tell your mommy" Emma says "No I don't want to" and refuses to come. Mandy picks her up in one arm (garrett's still in the other) and brings her to me. I make her say sorry and hug Izzy and tell her not to push anymore but I was proud of her to tell me and Mrs. Marci the truth.

Also Granny will be so proud 2 nights ago Emma lost her passy. She brought it downstairs and was playing with it. I told her to go put in back upstairs or I was calling Granny. I didn't see it with ehr later on so i assumed she took it back upstairs. When it came time for bedtime she was haivng a fit because she didn't want to go to bed. which is rare with her. She usually goes to bed really good. Then Daddy and I search the downstairs over and over and can't find the passy. I offer her one of brothers but she doesn't use it untill about 4 am. (I always check on her when I'm up feeding Garrett) we still didn't find it the next day so she has been passy free for two days. She found it when abby was here but while she was distracted I hid it in my room and she hasn't asked for it. I think we are going to use this opportunity to get rid of it all together. The only problem is I think she's getting her 2 year molers because she has been putting everything in her mouth lately. I finally broke down adn gave her a teething ring and she actually chews on it too. The thing I can't stand is her constantly chewing on her fingernails. I don't know what to do about that. But we need to find a solution soon. It's such a bad habit to have a so hard to break (*cough TANYA cough*)

Have a great holiday weekend. I think Matt and I are going to work on making our house more "sellable". Fun times here.


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