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Thursday, June 29, 2006

That's my favorite

Recently Emma has been saying "That's my favorite" about everything. A few things remain favorites no matter what. Like the color Pink or the cheese dip place for dinner. Other things come and go like when she'll see a car on the road and say "I like that car. It's my favorite" or yesterday while playing near the wooded area by our house she found a tree and said "I like this tree. It's my favorite" I think it's very cute.

We've had Isaac every mon - thurs for a couple of hours in the morning so Kellie can go to a class. Emma and Isaac have loved being together again. Today was kellies last day of class though. Next week we have Isaac 2 days for kellie to go to a workshop but after that no more I-man. What will we do? There will be much weeping. Though they are very good at getting into all kinds of truoble togther I will miss him and how emma loves him so. We need to sell our house quick so we can move closer to them!

Speaking of selling our house. We spent 1 1/2 hours out on the wooded trail near our house yesterday so they could show it to someone. which was fine. I found a place that had a bunch of shade and we laid out a blanket and had a picnic. Today though they called at 11:40 to see if they could show the house at 12. I mean really! So I told them they could come at 12:30. They thankfully agreed. I got off the phone and yelled "clean up the toys" Emma looked up and said "are people comming to see the house?" I said "Yes" and she and Isaac actually started cleaning up their toys right away. Thankgoodness. I thankfully ahd just finished washing up and clenaing up the kitchen after making my cake and iceing for class tonight. So all I had to do was striaghten upstairs, get me and the kids ready, and get out. We ended up getting out of there at 12. But I had a delima of only 1 big kid car seat and 2 big kids. So I opted to put Isaac in emmas car seat and let emma sit in the backseat with just the lap belt. We drove about 2 minutes away to a little roadside park and played there for about 20 min untill Kellie got there. Then we went to Senior's for cheesedip. YUM :)

Tonight is my last cake decorating class for this course 1. I want to continute on to course 2 and 3. We have to have 4 people to be able to get a class started. So if anyone has done class one and want to do a thursday night 5-7 course 2 class plase let me know so we can all sign up! I will post pictures tonorrow of all 4 cakes I've made to impress all of you.

Garrett is being pretty cute these days too. He is really working on his controll of his arms and legs. It's too funny to watch him slowly make a fist and try to slowly bring it to his mouth, going cross-eyed- in the process.

And he's pulling his legs up in a little crunch and thinking about throwing them to one side. I know rolling over is just around the corner. Of course if he could he'd get up and run after that big sister of his. He LOVES emma and tris his hardest to get her attention. He smiles his biggest when she is paying attention to him. She's a good big sister to him.


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