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Saturday, June 24, 2006

A day for Emma

We put our house on the market thursday around 5pm. Yesterday we had the realtor call to see if they could show it at 10:30am today. So, Matt and I went on a crazy cleaning, fixing up, sorting spree. Emma was confused, curious, and really wanting to help but ending up in the way most of the time. She also had to entertain herself alot the past couple of days. She has beena real trooper. It was hard to watch a lot of her toys being packed up and taken away but she felt better once we showed her the storage shed so she knew her toys woudl return once we get "our new big house closer to Isaac". Well since we needed to be gone by 10am this morning we decided to make it a day for Emma. We went to McDonalds for a 10:20am breakfast. Then it was off to the Zoo. The zoo was hot but fun. Emma and Daddy went into the petting area and brushed a goat.

They went into the reptile building together. Then later on, they got to pet a snake (no pictures of this one b/c mommy had her back turned in fear when she glimpsed the thing from far away). While they were doing that I got another call to show the house at 2:30 today.So we had more time to kill so we let Emma decide which animals she wanted to see and in which order. Daddy and I walked alot! After all that excitement we went to The Purple Cow resturant for lunch.(Emma's been wanting to go back there for weeks). She ate some of her grilled cheese but ate all of her purple (vanilla) ice cream cone. She just thinks it's sooo cool to have purple ice cream. It's been a fun filled day.

Random shots:
Garrett "reading"

Can a baby get some sleep around here?

Emma and Isaac playing dress up . . what's a boy to do ?. . when in rome . . .

Eating a push-up popcicle

Our princess


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