Welch Family Journal

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The theater

We ordered Emma (and ourselves) 4 season passes to the children's theater. We got 4 so she and I and another friend and their parent or she, I , Matt, and a friend could go to make it more fun. Well this first show snuck up on us and we didn't have our tickets yet and found out on the last day of the show we could call and go. So we loaded both kids up and went to see 'Miss Nelson is Missing'. Emma really liked it. Garrett and I made it through about 1/2 before I took him out for making too much noise. I can't wait to get a sitter for Garrett for the next show so I can enjoy the whole thing with Emma. Many of my fond memories from growing up include getting to go to the theater and see Kenny . . . and cute boys. I loved getting to go to all the productions. I'm glad we found this to begin to foster that love of the theater in Emma. Here's her at the fountain outside the theater.


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