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Saturday, January 27, 2007

But I want to play

Last night we put Emma to bed around 9:30 because she had a long late nap. Usually we can hear the floorboards creaking above us if she gets out of bed after we put her down. Last night we dropped the ball majorly. About 10:15 we hear her singing to herself on the steps. I got up and went to see what was going on. Apparently we had totally missed hearing her go into her brothers room and take a passy, go down the steps and get her cup, paper, and colors. She was laying at the top of the steps using the hall night light to color. I looked at her and said "What do you think you are doing?" She got up and started heading to bed. I said "Um, if you think you're getting out of a spanking on this one you are wrong" So I swatted her bottom (not too much though because I was hiding a laugh). I put her back in bed and she stared to cry. I then went on saying "When mommy and daddy put you to bed it's time to lay down and start going to sleep. It's not play time." She shrugged her shoulders up and said (through her tears and in a 'matter of fact voice') "But I want to play". So apparently if you WANT to play then it must be time to play! I said "Sorry baby but it's real late and it's time to start falling asleep" I went downstairs and relayed all this to Matt. We had a laugh about it then finished our TV show. (LOVE the DVR) We only had about 10 minutes left. Then I went upstairs to bed and she was out like a light already. Ah the things they come up with! love it!


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