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Friday, November 23, 2007

Emma's weekend at Grannys

Last weeekend we went to cousin Hannah's 3rd birthday. I had to work mon-wed this week so Garrett and I came home Sunday. Emma stayed in Texarkana by herself. This was a big thing because she and Garrett are very attached to their mommy and don't usually stray too far from her. She did really good. I left sunday. Monday she spent the day with Granny and Big Daddy. They ate lunch at the hospital with Tanya, went shopping getting her shoes and an outfit, and got to make a Thanksgiving craft. Tuesday she spent the day with me-me and po-po (who are known to give in to her easily) who took her out shopping and got two new pairs of shoes and alight up princess shirt. Wednesday she got to "help" granny cook. I was a tad worried she wouldn't want to come home! I also admit for all the times I tell the kids I'm gonna sell them or throw them out I really missed my girl. So did Garrett. He kept asking for her and expecting her to be wherever we were. It was all worth it when I opened the door and she came running full speed around the corner and jumped into my arms! Loved that!

Funnies from this week:
Emma and Granny were counting red cars while they were driving. Granny said "what abput that one" (pointing to a car) Emma said "that one's burgandy but we can count it" too funny.

She was eating lunch with tanya and Granny and said "popular is playing in my head all by it's self" (popular is her favorite song from the Wicked soundtrack)

We asked Emma what was her favorite part of the weekend . . . Eating lunch with Tanya was her answer. Too Funny!


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