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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

I try to understand things emma tells me. She's very good at explaining things . . . most of the time. Sometimes we just can't understand each other and I usually say something to the effect of "Babe we're just aren't understanding each other. Let's talk about something else" A few days ago she then said "I know what's wrong! We're not speaking the same english!" . . . Cute.

Last night I was upstairs talking to Matt and Tanya was downstairs playing with the kids. SHe came upstairs and told this story about emma. Apparently emma wanted Garrett to do something (Have i mentioned she's bossy) and he wouldn't do it. She kept ulling him and he kept resisting. Finally she folded her arms, looked mad at him, and said "No, No, Garrett. . . Does this look like a happy face? . . . No it doesn't!" I busted up laughing when Tan told me about it. I say that to her a bunch.

When we went to texarkana I was telling her to stay by me in the mall so she wouldn't get left. She says "It's ok if you leave me mommy. I'll just call you on the internet to come get me"

And the clincher. She was asking about a movie where someone had died. She was starting to ask those questions every parent dreads about death, dying, heaven, and all that. She said something to the efect of "after I die, I'll come back adn do something" I decided to try to topic there and said "Once you die, you don't come back here. You stay in heaven If you follow God's teachings" She thought a minute and said "will you be there to?" I paused a moment adn said "I'm sure trying baby" I know she's only 3 (almost 4) and didn't understand most of what we talked about but I thought I'd lay the groundwork now. Though if you ask Emma or Isaac where the Devil is, they'll tell you under the road. They are actually concerned about the people digging so much for the new Wal-mart since the Devil is down there. That one I've left alone because I know they are way too young to understand that one! :)


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