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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mommy and Me Day

Today started off with intentions to go into work and get started on some copying of files. Well, I got to work and couldn't find the page to print off to being all the copying on my bosses laptop. (she wasn't there. I wasn't even scheduled to go in but wanted to get a head start on this) So I stayed and worked on my new room for about 45 minutes. Then, as we were leaving Emma kept asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I considered it, then I remembered we were on the side of town that The Wonder Place was on. We went by to see if they were open. They were! We went in from 11:30 - 2. Left to go to McDonalds. Came back until 3:15. Thanks to Kellie who told me they'd stamp your hand to leave and come back. ;) Emma was super excited about that! The kids loved it! Garrett loved the water table and car table the best. Emma loved the sand and drama centers the best. It was a great way to let them play with several different things. There weren't very many kids so mine could play as they wished without waiting turns. A little before we left the rain turned to snow for about 10 minutes. Emma believes Grammie sent it down for her since she talked to her last night and Grammie said she had too much snow. Emma's been sad this Christmas because she hasn't had any snow. She wanted Grammie to send some down in a big box for her. So, today Grammie sent some down. :) Thanks Grammie! We came home and  the kids spelt from 3:30 - 5:30 at which point I went in and woke them up so they'd go back to sleep sometime tonight! :) It was a fun Mommy and kids day. I hope your day after Christmas was a fun filly family one. 


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